Adryana H

a Kenyan male with black hair and a black and grey shirt
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CS PhD Student at GWU
Pronouns: She/Her

Email: adryana.hutchinson AT gwu DOT edu

Research Interests: Usable Security, Privacy, Accessibility, and HCI



About Me

I am a first-year PhD student with the GWUSEC Lab at George Washington University, where I am advised by Adam Aviv. I'm broadly interested in understanding how both physical and digital security devices are used by people with disabilities, and how they can be designed more universally. Other issues in usable security, such as authentication, password managers/policies, human factors in security and privacy adoption, and the growing prevalence of surveillance technology, are also things I'm interested in.
I recieved my undergraduate degree at Clark University, where I majored in Computer Science and Philosophy. During my undergrad, I conducted research with Peter Story on usable security and password managers.

Recent News

  • November 2023: Attending CCS in Copenhagen, Denmark!

  • Select Publications

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    Investigating the Usability of Password Managers
    Dr. Peter Story, Adryana Hutchinson, Jeffrey Tang

    ClarkFEST '22 [pdf]

    The Usability of Whistleblowing Software
    Adryana Hutchinson, Dr. Peter Story

    ClarkFEST '23 [pdf]