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Adryana H

PhD student at GWU

I am an incoming PhD at GWU, where I will be advised by Adam Aviv with the GWUSEC Lab. I got my undergraduate degree at Clark University, where I majored in Computer Science and Philosophy. During my undergrad, I conducted research with Dr. Peter Story on usable security. I also did work with a biology lab on campus as well.

I worked with the Echolab at VT during the Summer/Fall of 2022, where I did research in crowdsourcing and building conversational assistant software.

I am broadly interested in designing robust security technologies that accommodate a broad range of audiences. More specifically, I am interested in studying ways that both physical and digital security apparatuses can become more user-friendly and accessible to people with disabilities, especially those with neuro-developmental and neurological disabilities. Other issues in security systems, such as human factors in security adoption and privacy in marginalized communities, are also things I'm heavily interested in.

Improving the accessibility of security systems (what I call "accessible security") is my ultimate research goal.

Technical resume can be accessed here. CV can be accessed here.


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Investigating the Usability of Password Managers
Dr. Peter Story, Adryana Hutchinson, Jeffrey Tang

ClarkFEST '22 [pdf]

The Usability of Whistleblowing Software
Adryana Hutchinson, Dr. Peter Story

ClarkFEST '23 [pdf]

Highlighted Projects

An updated page on my honors project will be added soon!


Policy Proposal: Data Cooperatives [pdf]
IoT Security: Threat of Worms [pdf]

More about me!

I'm an artist. I enjoy painting and sketching; you can check my art out here. I also love tinkering, whether that be 3D-modelling in Blender or working on microcontroller projects. You can check out a variety of my projects here!

I'm also an amatuer birder -- you'll often find me on the field with binoculars or feeding local birds. My favorites are corvids, such as ravens and bluejays.